Percutaneous Lag Screw Fixation for Lateral Malleolar Fracture: Technique Description and Case Report


Open reduction and internal fixation with plate and screws is the standard treatment for displaced or unstable lateral malleolar fractures. Despite functional satisfactory results obtained using this technique, complications including infection, skin necrosis, and discomfort caused by the plate are reported in 10-20% of cases. Several minimally invasive techniques have emerged as alternatives to avoid these complications. The present study aims to describe a technique and case report for percutaneous treatment of lateral malleolar fractures applying only screw fixation.


Publicado por:

Robinson E. Pires
Daniel Balbachevsky
Daniel Soares Baumfeld
Pedro José Labronici
Tiago Soares Baumfeld
Marcelo Back Sternick
Fernando Baldy Dos Reis


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